This castle was built in 1908 by San Francisco rail magnate Henry Harrison McClosky and sits along the hillside east of Highway 1 overlooking the beauty of the Pacific Ocean. After the 1906 San Francisco earthquake deeply affected McClosky, he decided and built a fortress to insure that no such disaster would destroy his new home. Sam’s Castle is filled with priceless antiques and movie memorabilia, most of it filled by its last owner, Sam Mazza. Between the McClosky's and Mazza eras of ownership the castle has a colorful history inbetween. 

Sam's Castle is open to the public two weekends each year. (usually the last weekend of May and the first weekend of June). The weekend tours are hosted by the Pacifica Historical Society. The tour consists of actors who portray the characters that created the history surrounding the castle. Then take your time and explore the grounds on your own. Castle tours are made courtesy of the Sam Mazza Foundation.







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