Pacifica is home to some of the San Francisco Bay area’s best surfing beaches. Linda Mar State Beach is one of the most popular beginner surfing spots in the San Francisco area. Linda Mar is a mile-long stretch of beach just north of Pedro Point. It’s very picturesque and somewhat protected from the wind. The break here is usually fairly forgiving, and on a nice weekend, the beach can attract a fair number of novice surfers. However, Linda Mar can also produce a fun and challenging wave with a bigger swell. The outer peaks tend to be the best shaped and often produce the longest rides. Best Boards: Longboard and Funshape.

Rockaway Beach and Sharp Park Beach are not for the beginner surfer. These two beaches are considered advanced surfing beaches due to their strong rips and big swells. Pacifica has surf shops on Crespi Dr. and Pedro Point where the surfer can find wetsuit, surfboard & paddleboard rentals and surfing lessons.

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Annual Surfing Contests
Pacifica is home to annual surfing contests:

  • Kahuna Kapuna
    Pacifica’s Environmental Family
  • The Big Chill
    Pedro Point Surf Club