The many well-maintained and level trails along our beautiful beaches lend themselves to Segway rides. There are many beautiful trails and paths to explore on your Segway. Begin your ride at Rockaway Beach and the trail takes you through a rock quarry to climb up 12 scenic switchbacks over Pacifica’s Strawberry Hill to Linda Mar Beach and beyond. Along the way, you enjoy spectacular views, beautiful wildflowers, historic sites, and you can watch some of the world’s best surfers. You experience a variety of terrains and enjoy the beauty of the ocean. You may even see whales, seals and seabirds in season.

Segway is located at 205 Rockaway Beach.Ave., #4 in Rockaway Beach - 650-355-8655
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You haven't really seen Pacifica unless you have traveled on a Segway. 

It is really easy to learn how to ride one. Come join in on the fun!

Jim is a great teacher over 15000 tours. He knows his stuff!

In 2017 Chris Christensen of Amateur Traveler said "I also had a chance to tour the city by Segway on a tour from Silicon Segway. It was the first time I have ever been on a Segway but the genius of the device is how easy it is to learn to control it. I am not sure I ever got it up to its top speed of 12 MPH on a rainy day in Pacifica, but within a minute or two after getting on it, owner Jim Heldberg had us circling the office. They have given 15,000 people Segway tours so they know what they are doing."